Blue Hat Crane, based in Kansas City, provides its national customer base with turn-key service, expertise and technical support for all crane related activities.

Industry Expertise: Using our industry expertise, our people provide our customers with the most efficient piece of equipment, at the right price, when the customer requires it with a level of service and safety second to none.  Blue Hat Crane is prepared and poised to do business with our customers wherever the requirement exists whether short or long duration. We look forward to being your heavy lifter.     

Recognized Leader in Safety: Recognized by Engineer News and Record (ENR) for our safety practices we pride ourselves on being the industry leader in safety. Blue Hat’s operations goal to exceed OSHA standards has resulted in a series of safety awards.

Modern Fleet: Our equipment fleet is modern, up to date, and well maintained by crews servicing equipment deployed across the country and staged at branch operations geographically close to our customers. 

Site Support Solutions: We have a myriad set of solutions allowing us to service small and large jobsites to include remote locations.


Blue Hat Crane Headquarters

240 South 65th Street Kansas City, Kansas 66111

Phone: 913.321.0127  Fax: 816.581.3129


Florian Rothbrust Senior Vice President

Phone: 816.581.3615 Email:

Patrick Leis Operations Officer

Phone: 816.581.3618 Email:

Steve Smith Director Mobile Crane Operations

Phone: 816.581.3656 Email:

Jeff Nelson Mobile Crane Manager

Phone: 816.581.3604 Email:

Henry Volante Tower Crane & Hoist National Manager

Phone: 816.581.3610 Email:

David Lapin Sales Representative

Phone: 816.266.0983 Email:

Steve Huffman Regional Sales & Equipment Procurement Manager

Phone: 816.581.3608 Email:

Fred Seymour Transportation Manager

Phone: 816.581.3605 Email:

Mike Lothamer Operations Manager

Phone: 816.581.3655 Email: